Not everything always goes as it should...

Not everything always goes as it should...

Many problems can arise during the course of a thesis. That's why SOOL developed a set of theses to support students in writing their bachelor's, master's and master's theses.

Unfortunately, in addition to the stress and anxiety that many students experience during the thesis process, problems can also arise during thesis supervision. This is not to say that higher education institutions do not support thesis writing, but sometimes the quality of supervision varies widely within the same institution. You can also choose a topic by looking at essay typer reviews. Universities should support their students in the best possible way, so that the thesis writing process is smooth and students can graduate without damaging their mental health in the process.

Why do we need theses?
The thesis story started last year with a "godfather meeting" between a SOOL member association and a SOOL board member. At the meeting, shortcomings in the guidance of the thesis were highlighted and the member association suggested that SOOL could produce a thesis material, in the same way as the Objectives for Teacher Education programme has been done.

SOOL wanted to respond to the needs of its members. The theses are intended for use by anyone who is in any way involved in thesis work. Whether you are a student writing a thesis, a teacher supervising a thesis, a secretary planning a thesis, or a copying officer for a subject association, here is material to support students and ensure their rights.

You don't always have to go it alone
Students, don't be discouraged even if your thesis doesn't seem to be progressing. In case of problems or stumbling blocks, feel free to ask your supervisor. If you feel that your rights as a student are being violated, contact your subject organisation or the student union or student union. Usually the publications in the are prepared in accordance with all the rules. Remember that although you have responsibilities as a student, you also have rights.

If you are unable or unwilling to contact your adviser, you can also get help from the student health service. If your university offers the services of a student psychologist, take advantage of this, as they specialise in counselling and advising students on a range of study-related issues, such as thesis stress.

Otherwise, you can contact the YTHS. Unfortunately, not all higher education institutions offer academic psychology services, although they have a specific role to play in supporting student well-being alongside the YTHS. The most important thing is not to be left alone when problems arise, as solutions can be found if you start looking for them.

Tips and links for writing your thesis

-Check and ask your supervisor what courses are offered by the language centres in your university or department. They may offer a range of thesis workshops and writing courses to give you concrete help with your thesis.

-Find out if your university offers other types of support. For example, the University of Jyväskylä offers a full boarding grant for students finishing their thesis, which allows them to spend 1-2 weeks at the Konnevesi research station in the peace and quiet of nature and concentrate on writing their thesis. You may need a simple list, which you will find on essay bot review . Write a list of subtopics or characteristics that you would like to include in your thesis.

-Remember to claim your rights. For more information on students' rights and obligations, see the website of each student union and student association.

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